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Megan McKinney

We are in the process of moving and I needed extra help cleaning my townhouse. Brandy and her team were able to help me on super short notice. I was so glad to have the help! They did such an amazing job and have really helped me out. The floors of my showers are so clean and fresh white. They were very efficient and organized. Wish I had discovered Brandy's Cleaning Service earlier. If we weren't moving to another state, I would definitely be using Brandy's team to clean every few weeks. I highly recommend Brandy's Cleaning Service.

JewelUp ByJessica

Brandy and her team do a fantastic job! It is such a pleasure to come home to a sparkling house that smells freshly cleaned. Our sliders have never looked so good and even my dog's bed was vacuumed!! Highly recommend this company!

Sandy Regal

Brandy and her staff are wonderful!!! Coming home to a clean house after working all day is such a present to me every other week!! Several times she has been able to come when we really needed her she ALWAYS came through!!She has high expectations of herself and her staff! I am lucky to have her at our home, and you would also be very impressed!! Give her a try, you will be impressed and hooked just like me!! She provides high quality work ALWAYS!!! Thank you Brandy!! Sandy, Cat Lady

Shannon Allen

I’m currently getting my place ready to sell and Brandy and her girls helped tremendously. You can tell she means business and they take what they do seriously. I am very pleased and would recommend them to anyone.

Vivian Desjarlais

Brandy's Cleaning Service has been cleaning my home for almost a year and they do a great job. They are fast and efficient. Every single window in my home has Plantation Shutters and they clean them all each and every time they are here. They are on time. One of the best parts is the way my wooden floors shine like they are new and the great fragrance that is there when I walk in the door. They go above and beyond and leave me so much more "Free~Time" for things I want to do and never could quite fit in my schedule previously. Brandy is very friendly and the ladies are always smiling. It's a win-win for me on alll levels. You can choose a schedule of things that you want done but many times if I have forgotten something they just take care of it as well. Very happy with her work. Thanks Brandy and Co. See you Thursday.

Katy De Sousa

Brandy and her staff came to my home today for the first time and I, wow, I am so impressed! Everything was spotless and she and her staff are so polite and professional. If you are searching for a cleaning service, look no further and call Brandy.

Sandra Mattoni

Brandy and her crew do an awesome job! They are timely, efficient, detail-oriented, and flexible, if need be. I have recommended her service to others without hesitation.

Connie Fretwell

After 30 years in the military & moves every 2 years, I have seen the best & the worst of cleaning services all over the world. Brandy & her team are of course, the best! Dependable & trustworthy, they are detail oriented. My home is shining when they leave - looks clean, smells clean, is clean. I highly recommend Brandy's Cleaning Service to anyone who takes pride in their home

Reid Comrie

Incredibly professional and exceeded our expectations! Brandy and her staff did an incredible job. If your home needs a cleaning give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

kerry Reid

I found Brandy’s Cleaning Service from a co-worker and it was the best decision when I saw my condo looking and smelling amazing!!!! I will be recommending her to all of my other co-workers for sure!!! Thank you BRANDY’S CLEANING SERVICE.

Bob Kups

Simply very the best! We've had a few and this team is outstanding! Very thorough, complete no short cuts with this team.

Cindy Miller

Brandy and her crew do a great job cleaning my house. She always sends notifications before arriving to clean. Home has never looked better.

Shea Fulmer

Brandy and her team are trustworthy and do an excellent job. They are thorough and detail oriented. Brandy is also extremely flexible and adds cleanings or adjusts our cleaning times to meet our schedules. We couldn't be happier with the service she provides consistently.

Stephanie Swetich

I've been using Brandy's Cleaning Service for a few months now and I continue to be impressed after each and every cleaning. I have a pair of big dogs and a cat so things can get pretty messy, pretty quickly. Brandy and her team keep things in order so I can enjoy my weekends without the worry of cleaning. Priced competitively, and extremely reliable...I definitely recommend!

Robert Tartaglia

Excellent friendly staff. Professional and thorough service. Prompt and dependable and willing to go the extra mile for special requests. I highly recommend this company and have in the past to friends and family

Josh Beattie

As a single parent of 2 teens and a dog, I have learned to appreciate those who make my world better. Brandy and her crew are the epitome of what you should be able to expect from a cleaning company. Fairly priced, prompt, courteous, honest and high quality work. Highly recommended.

Michelle L

I have used Brady's Cleaning Service for nearly 7 years. I have refereed her to several of my friends. Brady and her staff do outstanding work. Trust worthy, reliable, and attention to detail. You wont find a better cleaning company around!

Mary Rita Ross

Brandy’s cleaning service has cleaned for me for 5 years. Brandy and her crew do excellent work and I have found them to be trustworthy and dependable. I highly recommend this cleaning service.

Lorraine Kerins

Brandy and her gals are great. They do a thorough job and are very dependable . She always let's you know ahead of time when they are coming. My husband and I are very pleased.
Lorraine Kerins

Britt Gravley

Couldn’t be more happy that we made the switch to Brandy’s Cleaning Service! Brandy and her crew are super thorough and trustworthy. Highly recommend!

Rochelle Sherman

Brandy and her team have been cleaning our highly messy home (with 2 kids and a dog) weekly for years. The service is great! She is reliable and her standards are extraordinarily high. Unlike other companies we have used in the past, her service is as good today as it was the first time. I truly believe she cares, as much as we do, that our home is clean!

Susan Tew

We have been using Brandy's Cleaning Service for a number of years now. She not only cleans our home, she cleans our office, too. Brandy and her crew have always been extremely dependable and trustworthy. She follows any instructions I leave for her and does a great job! I would highly recommend her company for any of your cleaning needs.

Susan Tew
Fort Myers, FL

Robin Hopper

Have been using Brandy for years. Trustworthy, does a great job, even with my two large dogs and all their hair! 😁

Laura Kijewski

Brandy and her team are great! We have always been very pleased with how the house looks when they leave, and her rates are very reasonable.

Elliot Zimmerman

Brandy has been taking care of our house for over two years.She cleans in the winter, and checks the house for us when we are up north. Her service is always excellent, very caring and totally reliable. We would not hesitate to recommend her service to anyone in the area.

Angela Forell-Hegland

Brandy and her crew were very professional and went over everything that I needed to be done on the same manner. The house is as clean as a whistle and smells so clean!!! They were wonderful to work with and again had me inspect all of their work prior to leaving. I would recommend them to anyone wanted a perfect house cleaning job!!
Great job girls!!
~ Angel Forell
Cape Coral, Florida


We have had Brandy's service since 2015. We tried several services before and our experiences were less than satisfactory. What a gem Brandy and her team have been. Excellent work, attention to detail, 100% professional. We highly recommend her service.

Brian Berg

Brandy's Cleaning Service has been a great help to me and my family. They are a good people with reliable and excellent service. I couldn't as for a better service to clean my home. Thank you Brandy!!!

Jeremy Peterson

Have been using Brandy's service for a couple months now. We are very happy with the quality of work and would recommend her to anyone!

Sidney Silva

Excellent cleaning company. Brandy and her staff are super friendly and professional. Always on time and does the best job I ever gotten from a cleaning company around. highly recommend her to anyone

Dottie Larson

AWSOME service. I am so happy with Brandys Cleaning service. Her work ethic, dependability and attention to detail are words that describe the service her company provides! I have been a customer of Brandy's for several years and couldn't be more satisfied with the service she provides. I would recommend her services to anyone!

Linda Breuer

Brandy and her girls clean like I would, They will do special requests, they are punctual, dependable do detail work. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a clean house.

Annette Longhi

Brandy and her staff do an excellent job every time !

Veronica Monteiro

Wonderful service. definitely recommend

Adriana Dockery